Beauty Inside & Out

Baldwin has ranked first in quality by architects, designers, and builders for decades. Our expertise is so well regarded that our competitors have purchased our locks and latches over the years and continue to do so.

Beauty Inside Out

Baldwin Mortise Locks: The Original and Still the Best

The Baldwin mortise lock is world-renowned for quality and security. All lock cases are constructed of heavy gauge steel, and plated with a rust-resistant coating to retard oxidation. Working parts are made of solid forged brass, precisely machined for maximum strength and a lifetime of smooth operation. Baldwin forged brass parts offer 250% greater tensile strength than cast components, making Baldwin mortise locks the perfect companion for Baldwin premium trim and entrance sets.

The deadbolt is reinforced with two hardened steel inserts for maximum protection and security.


With a 28° rotation for easy turning and smooth operation, Baldwin's Estate latch is an industry standard.

Estate Latch


The anti-friction insert provides quiet closing and reduces strike plate scratches. Lever-strength latches are manufactured with heavy-duty springs to offset the solidity of Baldwin levers.

Estate Latch