How It's Made

At Baldwin, we believe that quality should never be a compromise. From using the finest materials to crafting a majority of our hardware by hand, we are committed to creating high-quality hardware that not only looks beautiful and flawless but also endures the rigors of time. It's the reason Baldwin has been name Builder's Brand Leader #1 in Quality Award year after year.

Evolution of a Door Knob

  • Baldwin How Its Made Cut
    A billet of brass is cut from bar stock of the correct diameter.
  • Baldwin How Its Made Forged
    The knob’s shape after the heated billet is pounded into the die.
  • Baldwin How Its Made Trimmed
    A stamping press takes off the thin metal skirt leftover by the forge.
  • Baldwin How Its Made Ground
    An abrasive grinding belt strips off forge oxidation.
  • Baldwin How Its Made Polished
    Polishing wheels smooth away the grinding marks.
Baldwin How Its Made - Cut - Finest Materials
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Step 1: Cut

Finest Materials

Before the hardware takes it shape, we begin with raw bars of solid brass. Brass is a highly dependable and durable metal that naturally resists corrosion. Holding a piece of solid brass Baldwin hardware in your hand, you will immediately feel the difference – it is heavier, stronger, and smoother than hardware that is made of aluminum or plated steel.
Baldwin How Its Made - Forge - Forged to Last
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Step 2: Forged

Forged To Last

Skilled artisans transform raw brass to beautiful hardware through an age old and time-tested technique known as heat forging – pounding hot metal into a specially made die. In contrast to the simpler forging technique known as casting, heat forging requires more intensive work and careful attention to detail, but it produces stronger, heavier products.
Baldwin How Its Made - Trimmed - Smoothing Out Rough Edges
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Step 3: Trimmed

Smoothing Out Rough Edges

Before the hardware can be finished, it gets a trim. Skilled operators work the stamping press that trims the extra metal left by the forge. Then, another machine grinds the surface to remove oxidation created from the forge, revealing the smooth metal.
Baldwin How Its Made - Ground - The Finishing Touch
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Step 4: Ground

The Finishing Touches

Baldwin hardware comes in a full spectrum of over 20 lustrous finishes ranging from glossy to matte, smooth to textured. Depending on the desired look, whether clean and minimalistic or stylishly distressed and vintage, the hardware will go through a very different process.
Baldwin How Its Made - Ground - The Finishing Touch
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Step 5: Polished

Polished to Shine

In the final step of production, our hardware goes through two stages of polishing – the first to thoroughly remove any imperfections such as scratches or nicks and the second to buff the hardware to a flawless shine. In the first stage, fast spinning wheels wipe away potential scratches left by the forge. Then, the jeweler’s rouge is used to carefully buff the metal.