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Explore our most elegant portfolio that brings timeless style to your home.

Baldwin Estate

Best- In- Class PORTFOLIO

Baldwin Hardware is fueled by a passion to chase perfection. That passion grows into an obsession focussing on the best design, impeccable quality, and constantly striving for innovation. This obsession brought us our top-of-the-line portfolio. Estate includes seemingly endless possibilities to make your hardware choices unique and personal, while our distinct styles and finishes demonstrate our firm commitment to craftmanship and design. Our Estate collection is an abundance of superb quality products that showcase the best in Baldwin's craftsmanship.

14 Finishes
Our Estate product line is available in 14 unique finishes.  These include our  proprietary Lifetime Finishes™, beautifully made and highly resistant to wear and tear. As well as our brand new Mixed Metal Finish options, 10 unique finish combinations that showcase two of our designer finishes on one piece of hardware. 

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Why Estate?


Tradition of Craftsmanship

The Baldwin brand has a 76 year legacy of master craftsmen taking their time to create each piece by hand and with the utmost care. The Baldwin Estate line carries on this legacy, and brings it forward with the best in innovation, and the most stylish designs. With options so beautiful, stylish, and undeniably well made, it’s no surprise that Estate is the masterpiece of the Baldwin brand.

Estate mix match

Mix And Match

Estate opens the door to numerous possibilities for customization in both style and function.  With our mix and match options, you can create a style that is unique to your home, getting creative with our variety of finishes and endless styles. A chance to have something that's truly your own. 

Join the Design Collective

This is a group of luxury designers, architects, and builders who are just as passionate about design as we are. While at the show, register to join and receive a Collective pin, and be automatically entered into a giveaway for $250 of cabinet hardware.

Estate Finishes

  • Baldwin Hand-Relived Finishes
    Finishes which are hand relieved may vary in luster, hue and appearance as a result of handcrafted variances in the final finishing step. Product finishes which are hand relieved may vary in luster and appearance as a result of handcrafted variances in the final finishing step.
    Satin Brass & Black - 050 | Satin Brass & Brown - 060 | Venetian Bronze - 112 |  Antique Nickel - 151
  • Baldwin Lifetime PVD Finishes
    Baldwin's proprietary Lifetime Finishes™ create a surface highly resistant to the effects of weather and normal wear and tear, including coastal applications. Salt tested under rigorous conditions these finishes are guaranteed to stay beautiful for years to come. 
    Polished Brass - 003 | Lifetime Satin Nickel - 056 | Lifetime Satin Brass - 040 | Lifetime Polished Nickel - 055
  • Baldwin Living Finishes
    For those who appreciate the patina that comes with a well-loved vintage piece, Baldwin's living finishes continue to change over time. Product finishes which are LIVING  will vary over time. They are not eligible for finish warranty.
    Non-Lacquered Brass - 031 | Vintage Brass - 033 | Oil-Rubbed Bronze - 102 |  Distressed Oil-Rubbed Bronze - 402
  • Lifetime (PVD) Polished Brass - 003
  • Lifetime (PVD) Satin Brass - 044
  • Non-lacquered Brass - 031
  • Vintage Brass - 033
  • Satin Brass & Brown - 060
  • Satin Brass & Black - 050
  • Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze - 402
  • Venetian Bronze - 112, 11P
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze - 102
  • Satin Black - 190
  • Polished Chrome - 260
  • Lifetime (PVD) Polished Nickel - 055
  • Lifetime (PVD) Satin Nickel - 056
  • Lifetime (PVD) Graphite Nickel - 076