Door Knobs, Levers & Roses

Door Knobs, Levers & Roses

Shop Baldwin door knobs, handles, levers, roses, and other door hardware crafted of the finest materials and with the utmost attention to detail.

What is a Rosette?

A Rosette or Rose is a practical trim plate that sits underneath a door knob or lever. It not only creates additional decorative detail, but is necessary to complete the functionality of the door knob or lever. At Baldwin®, we offer a wide assortment of beautiful rosettes available in all Estate finishes, complementary shapes, and multiple decorative and traditional designs that can be paired with any Estate knob or lever.

Quick Ship Complete Sets

As we continue to expand our Quick Ship options, we have over 850 preconfigured knob and lever combinations to satisfy all varieties of design preferences. Our Quick Ship program is designed to expedite shipping of our most popular Baldwin Estate styles and finishes. These complete sets, ensure the best combinations of levers or knobs and their chosen roses are all shipped in one box within five business days of your order confirmation. So, you no longer have to wait for the highest quality hardware. Now you can find the right look to fit your lifestyle and plan your installation to fit your life’s schedule.