Baldwin and Risk

Risk x Baldwin Collaboration

Elevating functional elements to exquisite masterpieces through meticulous craftsmanship

Explore Kelly "Risk" Graval's artistic universe—a graffiti pioneer and distinguished contemporary artist shaping the Los Angeles scene for over three decades. As a co-founder of the West Coast Graffiti movement, Risk has evolved into a global star. His collaboration with Baldwin, driven by a shared commitment to creating timeless art, results in a truly unique fusion of his signature style and Baldwin's craftsmanship.

  • Risk

    Renowned for his vibrant color-wash murals, Risk stands as one of the most sought-after muralists globally. Breaking new ground, this latest creation introduces the first-ever horizontal color wash, evoking the sensation of gazing at a bright horizon—a vivid transition into the spaces ahead.

    Featuring: Polished Chrome Modern Knocker with View Finder, Contemporary Deadbolt, and Keyed Contemporary Knob

  • Tranquility Door

    This artwork encapsulates the serenity that accompanies the transition to the next phase, offering a profound sense of ease. The peace conveyed resonates in various forms, from the Zen warrior to the warmth of sunshine and the tranquil waves, inducing a calming effect on your senses as you pass through the door.

    Featuring Graphite Nickle PVD Mortise Entry set

  • Monarch Door

    Within Risk's artwork, Monarch butterflies emerge as a recurring motif, and this door uniquely celebrates raw beauty through its showcased wood. The metamorphosis of the butterflies serves as a powerful metaphor, reflecting the beauty inherent in the transformative journey from one place to another—a testament to the exquisite nature of growth and transition.

    Featuring: Mixed Metal Grammercy Collection

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Own A Risk Original & Do Good

Own an original Risk masterpiece! The Monarch piece will be auctioned, with proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity. Both Baldwin and Risk share the goal of using art to make a positive impact and contribute to housing those in need. Sign up for our emails to learn more about the auction.