Affordable Luxury

The Prestige Series offers affordable luxury. It is our most accessible option available in retail stores across the nation; we know that just “good” isn’t good enough to carry the Baldwin name.

  • Specifications
  • Products available in 4 Finishes
  • Traditional and Contemporary styles
  • Pre-configured sets
  • SmartKey
Prestige Series Categories Door Hardware

A History of Excellence

The Prestige Series is a way to bring the legendary excellence of Baldwin into more homes and more hands. With the Prestige Series, any homeowner can instantly create an atmosphere of confidence from the moment someone knocks on the door.

Solid Construction

Prestige Series products are completely solid - providing a luxurious feel and higher quality. Holding Baldwin hardware in your hand, you immediately notice the difference – it is heavier, stronger, and smoother than hardware that is made of aluminum or plated steel – an indication of the superior quality and durability of our hardware.

SmartKey Security Technology

Prestige features the innovative SmartKey Security® re-key technology, allowing you to re-key your lock as often as you wish without replacing the entire lock. The flexibility to re-key your locks any time you desire increases home security, allows for one-key convenience, and facilitates home remodeling and hardware updates.

More about Smartkey Security