Wireless Technology

Premium Home Automation Security in seconds.

This fully automated deadbolt secures your home with amazing functionality. Integration with a home automation system enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in the home. Check lock status remotely and securely lock or unlock using a cell phone. Receive a text message when your child arrives home. Unlock your door, disarm the alarm, or turn on the lights and your favorite music.

How Home Connect Works?


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A New, Smarter Way to Connect Your Home

  • Lock or unlock doors with a mobile device or secure internet 
  • Check local status remotely
  • Receive notification of who enters your home
  • Remotely add or delete access codes
Wireless Overview

Interoperability With Security Systems & Home Control Systems

Interoperability with Security Systems

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  • Lock doors when security system is armed
  • Disarms security system when door is unlocked
  • Communicates door lock status

Interoperability with Home Control Systems

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  • Lock doors with handheld remote or touch screen
  • Customize lighting scenes upon entrance
  • Automatically unlock doors in case of emergency

Remote Access Control Capabilities

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  • Lock or unlock doors with a mobile device or secure internet connection
  • Check lock status remotely
  • Receive notification of who enters your home