Clover Lane Home

Clover Lane Home

Designer: Cassie and Sadie, Clover Lane DIY & Home Décor

Oh, What a Difference the Hardware Makes!
Baldwin Hardware was the finishing touch for this kitchen remodel, putting the “icing on the cake” of a fresh farmhouse transformation. The surprising juxtaposition of the bright brass knobs and cup pulls against the almost-monochromatic cabinets makes the space stand out.

Solid and dramatic spherical cabinet knobs in unlacquered brass will gradually develop a “lived in” patina as the finish oxidizes. Paired with the Estate Knobs with the Arch Rose, the designer has captured a cozy, farmhouse feel that will stand the test of time. Finalizing the kitchen are the easy-to-install, 4” polished brass cup pulls.

Again, hardware is key to the bathroom vanity upgrade in this home. Some paint, lumber, and a new sink give a facelift to the space, but what really takes the bathroom to the next level is the Baldwin hardware. Featuring a satin brass and black finish, the designer selected both the classic knob, and the 4” center cup pulls for maximum impact with minimum effort.

A Signature Look