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Effortless Style

Finding your personal style is the key towards turning a house into a home. The Lock Designer makes it easy to browse the largest variety of styles in the industry. Choose from styles that include Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic, and Couture.

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Couture

Designer Finishes

With a wide spectrum of richly detailed, meticulously crafted finishes, Baldwin stands alone as the finish leader. Choose from 19 of Baldwin's beautiful colors and textures to complete your design vision.

500,000+ Ways of Expressing Yourself

Comprehensive Features

  • Doors

    Visualize your dream hardware by matching it with one of twelve different door colors and textures.

  • Shuffle

    Designed for showroom use, Shuffle automatically creates hardware and door combinations.

  • Wishlist*

    Add items to your Wishlist in order to build a comprehensive hardware collection for your home.

  • Print*

    Print a photo, model numbers, and product details of your custom hardware combination.

  • Share*

    Email or share your one-of-a-kind creation on websites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Save*

    Easily save the full-sized image of your combination directly to your desktop. Print it for inclusion in your idea scrapbook.

* Desktop only

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