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Clover Lane Home

Designer: Cassie and Sadie, Clover Lane DIY & Home Décor

Baldwin Hardware was the finishing touch for this kitchen remodel, putting the “icing on the cake” on a fresh farmhouse transformation. The surprising juxtaposition of the bright brass knobs and cup pulls against the almost-monochromatic cabinets makes the space stand out.

Solid and dramatic spherical cabinet knobs, paired with the classic knob and 10" arched escutcheon, the designer has captured a cozy, farmhouse feel that will stand the test of time. Finalizing the kitchen are the easy-to-install, 4” polished brass cup pulls.

Again, hardware is key to the bathroom vanity upgrade in this home. Some paint, lumber and a new sink give a facelift to the space, but what really takes the bathroom to the next level is the Baldwin hardware. The designer selected both the classic knob and the 4” center cup pulls for maximum impact with minimum effort.