Nicholas Moriarty

  • Nicholas Moriarty Interiors (NMI, LLC.) is a multi-disciplinary, full-service/turnkey interior design firm, focused on full scale interior renovation and design projects.
  • His method and goal are to deliver a white-glove experience and a beautifully luxurious result with no hidden steps.
  • Nicholas and his team are different in their forward-thinking and client-focused approach to design. Whether they partner on space planning, kitchen design or furniture selection, the process is efficient and meticulous.
  • Inspired by his passion for a variety of design styles, his work is recognizable for its depth of texture, personality, and warmth. He is proud to note that “No two clients we work with look the same”.
  • Nicholas and his team have partnered with national celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, doctors, lawyers, artists, and everyone in between.
  • He firmly believes that your space should look like your own, and he simply partners in helping to elevate it with a signature eclectic, contemporary and modern style.
Design Photo Credit: Jill Buckner
  • Favorite project using Baldwin to date? Why?
    My new condo, which I’m in the process of finishing, is by far my favorite project I’ve ever had the pleasure of using Baldwin in. This project is a true expression of me and in using the split-finish L030 lever I’m able to pay reverence to Walter Gropius, an architect and industrial designer from the Bauhaus era who fundamentally shaped my design philosophy, and Baldwin Hardware, a brand that has always stood tall in my eyes as a brand synonymous with heritage and quality. This being the highest touchpoint in my own personal residence is sure to bring me an immense amount of joy from the moment I walk through the front door until the moment I close my bedroom door to go to sleep. It’s my own personal, 'I have arrived' moment."

A Signature Look