Paul Heintz

Paul Heintz

Designer: Paul Heintz

Paul Heintz attended the University of Cincinnati and has a degree in both Fine Arts and Interior Design. While in college Paul worked with multiple design firms in Los Angeles and San Francisco, ranging from residential to hospitality and educational. After graduating he moved to South Pasadena with his wife and started his design career.

Although he has only been working as an Interior Designer since 2009 he has been designing his whole life. While traveling as a kid he would often draw plans and sketches of the vacation homes his family stayed in. Paul enjoys creating simple yet intriguing designs that push the boundaries. He creates his spaces using simple furniture, lighting, colors and materials, but bringing them together in unconventional combinations.

Paul constantly challenges himself to create unique and appropriate solutions for each of his clients. His favorite part of the job is getting to know each client and their backgrounds. He finds that design is most fulfilling when he's able to interpret experiences from a client's past in an artistic way - allowing them to live in a space that pays homage to their life and what has brought them to where they are today. He turns to UK design magazines, blogs, pinterest and social media for his daily inspiration. 

Design Project Photo Credit: Swiley Interior Photography

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