Huntington Beach Residence

Huntington Beach Residence

Designer: John Wooden Interiors

Photographer: Dustin Dorr

The precise, geometric form, organic shapes and textures, bright pops of color, modular appliances, and vintage furniture featured in the Huntington Beach residence all reflect the playful and bold Mid Century Modern aesthetic. This 60's inspired American design style, made popular by designers like Frank LLoyd Wright, is known for harmonizing form with function - designs are thoughtfully planned to blend with natural landscapes and help to connect people with their surroundings. Not surprisingly, the Mid Century Modern aesthetic is right at home in Southern California's relaxed beach environment, where connecting with the natural setting is not just a past time but a way of life.

For just the right door hardware to match the Mid Century Modern theme, the designer selected the Baldwin 5061S Knob and the Atlanta handleset. A favorite in the design world and winner of the ADEX Platinum Award, the stainless steel 5061 door knob encapsulates the minimalist design approach with clean lines and functional form that is devoid of ostentation. Similarly, Atlanta is selected for its harmonizing style, which melds cutting-edge design with subtle curves to provide both aesthetic appeal and efficient function.

A Signature Look