Hudson Passive Project

Hudson Passive Project

Claverack, New York

Designer: BarlisWedlick Architect LLC

Builder: Bill Stratton Building Company

The Hudson Passive Project is an energy conservation project, a prototype home-of-tomorrow that demonstrates the energy-saving potential of residential architecture. The house was designed by BarlisWedlick Architect LLC, built by Bill Stratton Building Company, and realized with the support of NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research Development Authority through the High Performance Energy Challenge. Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, about two hours north of New York City, The Hudson Passive Project is on track to be the first certified passive house in New York State and among the highest performing homes in the world.

As an ecofriendly company, a member of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and a supporter of sustainable practices, Baldwin is proud to be the hardware provider for the Hudson Passive project. Baldwin's products use raw material containing recovered metals and we recycle 100% of all brass scraps produced in our manufacturing process. In addition, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to minimize waste generation and we recycle 100% of all hazardous waste generated. Baldwin is constantly striving to improve our environment, not only in our own practices but also by supporting eco-friendly initiatives and teaming up with innovative pioneers to create far-reaching positive impact.

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