Control and Convenience

Features of the App

In-home Locking and Unlocking

A complete log of your lock's activity with dates and times it was locked or unlocked, as well as how it was accessed (via phone or manually).

Track the activity of all eKey users who engage your lock.

Get notified whenever a user code is used so you always know even when you're on-the-go!

Know when your family comes home safely.

Notifications keep you posted when your son comes home from school or when your daughter comes home — past curfew.

Upgrade to remote access

Lock and unlock from anywhere.

Smart lock, meet smart phone. Remote access and monitoring in the palm of your hand. An upgrade for your Evolved smart lock, remote access allows you to connect to your lock from anywhere and get alerted when your door is locked and unlocked. Works wherever you have an internet connection.

Upgrade Now*

*Requires ownership of a Baldwin Evolved product and a Kevo Plus gateway.

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