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Baldwin Cabinet Hardware
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Baldwin's distinct design portfolios offer beauty, quality and durability. Options to fit your project needs.

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The Mandarin Oriental
Fairmont Bungalow in Santa Monica

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The charm lies in the finer points, and decorative hardware has the power to perfect and enhance the entirety of your home's design. Explore how Baldwin is seamlessly integrated into the aesthetics of these beautiful homes.

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Find the Right Lock

Tubular or mortise? Not all locks are created equal, and there are several types of keyed locks including mortise, cylindrical, tubular and rim locks. Learn the difference between the two most popular lock styles so you can choose the one that best fits your door. Or dive deeper into finding the right lock.
  • Tubular Lock
    Tubular or standard door prep is most common in North America. Standard prep requires a 2 1/8” diameter bore hole through the door. Baldwin offers a wide array of options of tubular handlesets.
  • Mortise Lock
    Mortise door preparation is named for the mortised pocket cut into the edge of the door (approximately 6" high by 4" deep) and is seen more often on custom and solid wood doors. While this does take more expertise to install, this lock type is known for being more heavy duty, and secure. Baldwin has had a long tradition of exceptional mortise door locks.