Experience the bold evolution of luxury hardware with Baldwin Evolved, the next generation of smart handlesets and deadbolts blending exquisite architectural designs with Kevo technology.

Beautiful aesthetics. Solid brass. Iconic style. Smart lock technology.

Baldwin Evolved is a premier collection of hardware that delivers an electronic solution designed to exceed the luxurious architectural standards of Baldwin customers.

Sacrifice nothing in style. Gain freedom and peace of mind with Baldwin Evolved.

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Evolved Products


Available in 15 handlesets; Nantucket, Manchester, Glennon, Stonegate, Buckingham, Blakely, Bethpage, Kensington, Devonshire, Boulder, Cody, Minneapolis, Palm Springs, Soho, Ashton in 18 finishes.


Available in 3 deadbolts; arched, contemporary, traditional in 18 finishes


Available in Contemporary, Traditional round, Traditional arch, rustic arch in 18 finishes