Estate & Images Consolidation

Baldwin is merging the products from the Images portfolio into the Estate portfolio to provide Showroom customers a consolidated line of the best performing and most competitive products within the luxury channel. Images interior knobs and levers have been upgraded to feature Estate's industry leading latch, thread on rose style installation, and additional structural improvements. Delivering the best of both worlds, the new Estate portfolio offers both pre-configured products and a la carte options for ease of ordering and customization.

Product with Structure Upgrades & Moved into Estate

Product type Images Style No. New Estate Style Number Product Details
Classic Knob w/ Classic Rose 5405/5406 5015 (w/ 5048 Rose) Learn More
Colonial Knob w/ Classic Rose 5410/5411 5020 (w/ 5048 Rose) Learn More
Contemporary Knob w/ Contemporary Rose 5415/5416 5041 (w/ 5046 Rose) Learn More
Tahoe Knob w/ Tahoe Rose 5420/5421 5023 Learn More
Oval Knob w/ Oval Rose 5432/5433 5024* Learn More
Oval Knob w/ Oval Rose 5442/5443 5024* Learn More
Egg Knob w/ Classic Rose 5425/5426 5025 (w/ 5048 Rose) Learn More
Bethpage Knob w/ Bethpage Rose 5437/5438 5077 (w/ R027 Rose)* Learn More
Fillmore Knob w/ Classic Rose 5800 5800 (w/ 5048 Rose)* Learn More
Peyton Knob w/ Classic Rose 5820 Style Discontinued Style Discontinued
Colonial Lever w/ Classic Rose 5440/5441 5440V (w/ 5048 Rose)* Learn More
Classic Lever w/ Classic Rose 5445/5446 5445V (w/ 5048 Rose)* Learn More
Bethpage Lever w/ Classic Rose 5447/5448 5447V(w/ R027 Rose)* Learn More
Wave Lever w/ Classic Rose 5455/5456 5455V (w/ 5048 Rose)* Learn More
Beavertail Lever w/ Arched Rose 5452/5453 5452V (w/ R030 Rose)* Learn More
Beavertail Lever w/ Squared Rose 5462/5463 5452V Learn More
Tahoe Lever w/ Tahoe Rose 5465/5466 5465V* Learn More
Contemporary Lever w/ Contemporary Rose 5460/5461 5460V* Learn More
Soho Lever w/ Soho Rose 5485/5486 5485V* Learn More

*This knob or lever is new to the Estate portfolio and will now be available in an expanded finish selection.
**Discontinued products and all supporting technical documents will remain on the website and can be found through the Search feature.

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